Mixed Media/ Collages

These 1st three Pieces were inspired by Tampa’s Architecture and foliage. These 1st two pieces are most inspired by Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
These three are part of the Sunday inspiration Series. Title: Sunday Inspirtation #1 Medium: Mixed Media Price:$375 Whole Series Price:$900

In this one I just used the window from the Catholic church and added a palm tree. Ever since I was little I loved pattern and shape. Title: Sunday Inspiration #2 Price:$325 Whole Series Price:$900 ** Venice Art Center Merit Award Winner***

This piece is an abstracted view of a courtyard in Tampa Title: Sunday Inspiration #3 Medium: Mixed Media Price:$375 Whole Series Price:$900

This piece is a mixed media piece. I used pastel, gel medium and acrylic. Title: Off the coast Medium: Mixed Media Price:$200 Size:16x20

This piece was was inspired from a flower growing outside around a piece of bamboo. In this piece I decided to use chevron wasbabi tape as an element. This piece is done on a handmade wooden canvas made from recycled wood. Title: Serendipity Medium: Mixed Media Price:$500

This is a piece on how frustrating it is when your students don’t have a pencil. If your a teacher or have ever taught you know what I mean. Title: What do you mean you don’t have a pencil? Medium: Mixed Media Price:$225

Rainy days, let’s face it, everyone has them. Sometimes your rainy days are not just the rain that falls from the sky its the sadness in your life. Sometimes sadness feels like it will last forever, like it will never end. This piece was inspired from sadness. The mediums used in this piece are pastel,acrylic paint, paint markers and a cut up mini calendar of actual calendar days.Rainy Days Mixed Media 8x8 $60