Bracelet LookBook

Below is a collection of my bracelets most are original one of a kind designs, not all though. As a general rule though, I don’t make the same design more than three times. All bracelets are designed and put together by me.

1.)Creme de la Rose (sold)

2.)Teal Surf

3.)Tears of Evny

4.) Arctic Surf

5.)The Titanic Sand Dollar

6.)Indigo Grape

7.) A Mermaid’s Favorite

8.) A Mermaid’s Favorite #2

9.)Zebras and Ravens

10.) Gulf Coast Teal (sold)

11.)Orange and a Cherry Star

12.)Sugar Cane Peppermint

13.)Blue Eyed Girl

14.) Fly Away Blue

15.) Mermaid Tears

16.)See Blue Skies

17.) Perwinkle Days

18.) Orange Crush

19.) By Day and Night (sold)

20.)Swim till Death

21.)Cash Passion

22.) Montana

23.)Montana Star

24.)Indigo Girl

25.) Indigo Girl #2

26.) From a Oyster of Royalty

27.) Sweet Heart 16

28.) Sweet Heart 17

29.)Cerulean Nights

30.) Perrywinkle Sunsets


32.) Yellow Ocre Sunsets

33.) A Canary’s Serenade

34.) King Mida’s Last Touched Flower

35.) The Patriot

36.)Memorial Day

37.)Woodland Dance

38.) A Siren’s Lost Bracelet

39.) A Bimini Breeze

40.) Kindness Happens

41.) Lavender Dew Drops

42.) Susan’s Favorite

43.) A Mermaid’s Heart Break

44.) A Hurricane’s Wrath

45.) Not Quite Pink, Not Quite Peach

46.) A Teenage Dream

47.)Peace by Midnight


49.)Pink n' wise

50.) Flamingo fun

51.) Glacier Greatness

52.)Suzzie Fox’s Favorite

53.) Gaspirilla Memories

54.) Pretty in Pink

55.)Pink n' Pearls