Englewood Art Center Summer Show review- I stumbled upon Englewood Art Center when I wanted to apply for more call to Artists shows, little did I know, what a gem this place was. Six months later after entering several call to artist shows, I have a solo exhibition running until June 30, 2016. My show is located in the member’s gallery, right after the help desk.
After you see my show be sure to visit The Mangrove Gallery and view Dawn Marie Lee’s Seaside inspired abstracts which are amazing.
When you walk through the center out to the hallway and through the courtyard you will enter the Mitchell Gallery which features Gary Morgan’s work called A Slow Fade. If you ever had someone you know suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease he depicts the awful illness and all the emotions that go along with it perfectly.
Last but not least the current Call to Artist show is Down to the Sea which depicts everything that has to do with the ocean. Some of my favorite people are in this show Ginger Hamilton and her ocean inspired abstracts and Paula May Scott and her beautiful photo of an ocean cottage. Come out and see all the amazing art and be sure to tell me what you think using my contact me page.

I hate it and I think we all do, that is we hate rejection. I hate being rejected. Especially from a juried art show. Here is the thing to consider when entering a juried art show. We all have a different brain and we all think differently. Just because a judge says no doesn’t mean that your work isn’t up to par. I know if I was jurying a show I would base it on technical craft and that is most likely because I went to art school. I feel that no matter what your process is if your final product isn’t beautiful your process really doesn’t matter.Other judges might judge on how they feel when they look at a piece.

Here is the thing to consider when entering a show. Find out who the juror is, if the juror is teaching at the art center/ gallery I would highly consider not entering it. Most likely the students are going to be entering and the judge could be slightly biased.

If you hate being rejected to the point where you would sob all day in bed, yes, don’t worry I’ve done it too. You should consider entering a community show. A community show if you don’t know is where there is usually a fee but everyone that enters bad or good gets placed on the wall. Enter a few of those and then try for a juried show.It takes bravery to enter any show. You would be surprised how many times I thought my work was average and not up to par but others thought it was wonderful.

If you keep on getting rejected then take a break, make some new different works, do a variety. If you enter three I would enter three completely different works or two completely different works. This may not work if you have a set unique style though.

If you get rejected and I have yet to muster up the courage to do this. Bring your rejected piece to the juror and ask

How Can I improve this?

I must warn you though. Make sure you have really thick skin because some of them are not very nice.

The last show I entered for the first time ever I got all three works in, Yay! One was a collage titled Break a Leg. The second was an acrylic and spray paint painting titled Don’t Quit your Daydream and the third was an acrylic piece called The Cortez Pelican, which you can see I won honorable mention double yay. The irony of this whole thing was I entered two of them in a different show (see article above) and they got rejected. It just goes to show you, you really never know.

If you would like to see my paintings in person they are located at Art Center Sarasota which is located at 707 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 365-2032.